I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying that, “Left handed people are the only people in their right mind.”  Add in the idea that one definition of insanity is to keep trying the same thing while expecting a different result.  A common failing of  the Progressive Movement.

This blog is a bit of a twist on those simple Truths.

Or perhaps I should say an embodiment of those Truths.

So here I am… Left handed – i.e. right brain.  Conservative, though honestly it would be more appropriate to call me – like Ronald Reagan – a classical conservative.  Still, to the right.  And on a mission to apply some of that right brained intuition and thoughtfulness to the Conservative cause.

Just a few words of caution, though.  I will leave the comments open for now and I expect, and will enforce, civil behavior.  I don’t care if you disagree.  In fact I want people who disagree to comment.  However, if you use rude, crude, insulting language or engage in shouting matches, flaming or trolling – based entirely on my subjective assessment – that comment will be deleted without notification.  If it keeps happening the poster will be banned.  If it becomes endemic, I will switch to moderated.

Be advised: this rule applies to fellow Conservatives, as well.  I believe we are right and because of that we do not need to use the unethical tactics of our enemies.

Email me at ConservativeLefty@outlook.com


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