Moving up!!!

Hi there fellow conservatives! I’ve have some good new for you. I’m not going to be updating this page any more.

Wait! Good news???

Yep. Conservative Lefty here at the free WordPress site was a test to see if there would be an interest in my conservative thoughts. The result has proven good. I’ve show growth without any type of promotion or search optimization. As a result, I’ve decided to take Conservative Lefty to its own hosted site.

That’s a good thing!

So if you want to keep reading The Conservative Lefty, you need to update your browser or reader bookmarks to point to my new address:

Same great content and thoughts but on its own site that will let me do what I want and will hopefully give it room to grow. If you do like the site so far, this would also be a good time for you to pass it along to your friends.

Hope to see you there.


About Raul

Mad Scientist (honestly!) and engineer by day. Soundman by night. Tech geek always! A love and passion for Christian apologetics, Fringe, Doctor Who and Babylon 5.
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