Texas considers allowing open carry of handguns #2A

Texas considers allowing open carry of handguns | Fox News.

I’m in Illinois, but I really hope this gets through there.  If they can get open carry in Texas, with it’s long history, then maybe there is hope we can beat Chicago on this.


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2 Responses to Texas considers allowing open carry of handguns #2A

  1. 3boxesofbs says:

    We keep plugging away. Unfortunately our legislative body only meets once every two years – this is a good thing (less chance to get up to mischief) and a bad thing — hard to carry over pressure from one term to the next.

    We’ve introduced Open Carry several times but real politiks has gotten in the way. We lost out on Open Carry in favor of really reducing the renewal process – now it can be done online instead of sitting through yet another class, we reduced the number of hours needed to get a permit from 10 -12 down to 4 to 6 hours. We got rid of the archaic ‘class’ system – if you shot the qualification with a revolver, that was all you could carry. but if you shot with a semi-auto; you could carry either a semi- or a revolver.

    Lot’s of good changes but Open Carry and Campus Carry keep slipping away. We hope to get them this year. One of the big changes is the nature of the bills; in sessions of 6 or 8 years ago we had to defend against efforts to restrict rights — now the antis are just trying to limit how much liberty we get each session.

    Bob S.

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