Families of Newtown shooting victims sue gunmaker, seller #tcot

Families of Newtown shooting victims sue gunmaker, seller | Fox News.

Wow.  Today is turning out to be a Second Amendment day here at Conservative Lefty.  It will be interesting to see if this suit is summarily dismissed.  The basis of the argument that AR-15 platform is military weapon is patently false.  There is a military variant that is not available to the public.  That’s very different.

Also the idea that it is unsuited for civilian use is extremely weak, at best.  The AR-15 is, by its design, intended for civilian use.  In fact, the lack of select fire makes the firearm unsuited for militery use.  The military version is the M16 and the more recent M4 variant.  This gun has been made for civilian use since 1963 and has become one of the most popular rifles in the free world.


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3 Responses to Families of Newtown shooting victims sue gunmaker, seller #tcot

  1. 3boxesofbs says:

    if it is unacceptable for civilian ownership — why do so many police departments use them?
    I mean if it is good enough for those who ‘protect and serve’ — shouldn’t it be good for those of use who need protection?

    Bob S.


    • Raul says:

      Don’t forget, the police are civilians, as well. At least, here in the U.S.


      • 3boxesofbs says:


        That was exactly my point. Many times law enforcement departments are made up of part timers, volunteers, etc. We tend to think only of the bigger cities but how many small towns still have auxiliaries to help out?
        There is not difference between the cops with a full time badge, cops with a part time badge and you/I as for as the civilian status 🙂

        Especially when you consider the ‘first responders’ often get there only after the shooting is done*.

        Bob S.

        (*and sometimes not even then — consider the police response to the Rodney King Riots, to Hurricane Katrina/Rita, etc)


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