A Quick Comment On Race

Blacks Whites and Cops

I saw this graphic posted by a friend on Social media and felt a need to share it.  These are my thoughts on it.  As an American.  As a conservative.  As a minority of hispanic descent.  But as an American, first.

There are some people who want to change America into something it is not and never was. They think it’s for our own good. President Obama was not the first president to be from this group. That honor goes to Teddy Roosevelt – a white Republican, by the way – more than 100 years ago. They cross racial lines, party lines and social lines.

When they make us forget what this graphic says, they are that much closer to victory. We are all Americans, whether we were born here or chose to come here. The blessings and rightness of liberty entices everyone who comes to our shores. That mires, rightness of our belief in individual freedom and natural rights is why I think we take it so badly when we fail at it.

And yes, we are going to fail. But that doesn’t mean we abandon what has been the greatest culture in the history of the planet. It means we strive harder and set our sights on the long and worthy goal. We don’t let ourselves fall for the honeyed words that have brought nothing but death and enslavement every time they’ve been embraced over the centuries.


About Raul

Mad Scientist (honestly!) and engineer by day. Soundman by night. Tech geek always! A love and passion for Christian apologetics, Fringe, Doctor Who and Babylon 5.
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