Democrat’s Electoral Confusion #tcot

puzzledThe extent to which Democrats do not get it – at least the ones in this article – is simply amazing.  Why do they keep asking about their “message?”  We have heard your message.  More important, we have now seen the results of the policies that embody your message.

We reject your message!

If you want to remain relevant, you need to abandon the European-style Progressivism.  It is an ideology that is simply not compatible with America’s individualistic culture.  Stay to the Left if you want, but stay to the left of DSCF0017America’s center, not the EU’s.  There was a time, not long ago, within my memory where both sides of the aisle were on the same side as to where we were going.  The difference was in how we got there.  That is an area in which there may be some room for compromise.  However, if “compromise” is defined as how fast we move Left, then forget it; we’re done with you.

You want a good example of this?  Look at Bill Clinton.  His first two years, he tacked very Progressive, leaving his previous Centrist Democrat stance.  After getting hammered in 1994, he returned to that Centrist position.  Lanny Davis has been calling on Democrats to return to this, reminding you to “remember who we are.”  The question, though, is that still who you are?  Between party changes, retirements and electoral defeats, have you not purged yourself of most of your centrists?

This will be Hillary’s challenge.  She’s not considered a Centrist at all by most of the country.  The general opinion is that she’s the one responsible for the Left shift in Bill’s first two years.  Democrats certainly heaped a lot of blame on her at that time.  She’s going to have to do a good job selling that she’s not going to be more of the same from the Obama years.  Does anyone really see her being able to sell the idea of working with Rand Paul or Ted Cruz to find a true compromise?  That’s what she’s going to have to do if she wants to win.

Anyway, those are  my thoughts.  Feel free to ignore or even mock them.  Frankly, I’d be happier if you did.  I’d much rather be cheering a President Paul or Lee in a couple years.


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