Beware of Obama After the #Midterm #Elections #tcot

It seems people on both sides of the aisle just don’t get it where Obama is concerned. He’s I votednot delusional. He may be narcissistic, but that isn’t affecting his policy or agenda. He’s on a mission from (his) god.

He truly believes in what he is doing.

Any sacrifice is justified to get his goals for the country accomplished. He believes it enough that he has no regret about the Democrat party being destroyed if it allows him to implement his goals. We are entering what I believe to be the most dangerous period of our nation’s history since the Civil War. This election hasn’t constrained Obama, it has unleashed him. His sole objective will be to do so much now that there will be no way to undo it.

I’ve seen articles calling for Democrats to keep Obama in check and to work with them.  There is almost no chance that the Democrats will be able to contain him. Assuming they even wanted to. The only possible way they may hold him back is if they threaten there will be enough scared Democrats that will jump ship and vote for an impeachment. Even then, I’m ready to believe he is willing to be a martyr to the cause. The unrest and violence that would go with impeachment could well be the “revolution” he feels necessary.

This election is a good thing. But it comes with a price and we have to be even more vigilant. We have to both push his policies back and hold the Congress accountable.


About Raul

Mad Scientist (honestly!) and engineer by day. Soundman by night. Tech geek always! A love and passion for Christian apologetics, Fringe, Doctor Who and Babylon 5.
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