#Houston accused of retaliating against pastors #tcot

I’ve talked to many who have said, “This couldn’t happen here.”  Well, guess what?political-correctness-voltaire

 Houston accused of retaliating against pastors | Fox News Video.

It’s not enough, though, to simply let these
Progressives back off their demand.  There has to be consequences to punish this harassment.  If there are not, then two thinks happen.

  1. They keep trying until they find a venue that lets them get away with it.  Then they have a precedent.
  2. The threat – even if they have to back off – continues to be an unjust harassment.

At the very least, there needs to be some sort of public “This was wrong” statement from the city’s government or council.  Not an apology  – that’s largely meaningless, but some admission that this was wrong.  I’d go for a recall, as well.  This wouldn’t be just because “we don’t like her,” but put in terms as a response for cause and wrongdoing.

This is a culture war.  It needs to be fought as a war.


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