US begins #Ebola vaccine testing in humans #tcot

It’s still going to take months to get it through testing to find out if it is safe and/or about-ebolaeffective even without worrying about FDA (which I presume will grant special permissions for compassionate use).  Then you have to ramp up production to the level of output needed.  Another important question is how long does it take to “cook” the “recipe,” as they say.

US begins Ebola vaccine testing in humans | Fox News.

It’s not just our regulatory process that has to be addressed.  There’s also the question of the countries where the drug may be used.  You’d be surprised at how difficult they can be.  FDA is wonderful by comparison.

They final thing to note is that they are calling this a vaccine.  That implies that it will only prevent a future infection.  That it is not a treatment.  So it may not have any impact on this outbreak beyond the helping to contain its spread.  I also wonder how long the vaccine will last?  Is it permanent or does it need repeated periodically?

Personally, I wouldn’t have anything to do with the manufacture of this pharmaceutical unless I was guaranteed indemnity from any lawsuit in any country where it is used.  It’s going to be rushed out and it’s not going to have adequate testing.  I would not be willing to be held liable for any problems that result.  Especially those that may not show up for years after use.


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