Kindergarten ‘suicide contract’ infuriates mom #tcot

Kindergarten ‘suicide contract’ infuriates mom | KTSM News Channel 9 | News, Weather and Sports | El Paso, Las Cruces, Juarez.

The story also noted that they school was demanding a psych evaluation on the girl. IMG_0907 Thank heavens the parents refused.  This is sick. Really sick. I hope the family is considering legal action on this one – and I don’t mean simply paying a settlement or getting this removed from the child’s record.. It is not enough for the school to simply back down in these cases.

They have to do something proactive to undo the damage they have inflicted. If they just have to pay out some cash, frankly, they’ve still won. They’ve gotten their “guns are evil” message into the heads of those kids. As far as they’re concerned it’s an investment and the cost of doing business.  Have any doubt?  Watch how hard they will fight if a settlement includes an apology for wrongdoing.


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