Obama’s End Game

Ok, this was one of the best conversations I’ve had in a news story comment section.  It actually started out as a mild misunderstanding between the two of us when we are The Real Miss Meactually on the same page.  The end result is a new friend and some great food for thought.  It’s amazing what happens when people take the time to dialog rather than rant.  The conversation was so good, I have to report a part of it here:

You speak of presuming as though you never did it – you just did it to me.
a) How many of the backroom deals that Odumbo has made were you aware of?
b) We have had plenty of crisis and he has not used his authority on us (well at least not to the extent you are suggesting, anyway) – because he has something much worse in mind.
c) I never said people should not be concerned – just don’t make a mountain out of a mole-hill – which is what is happening.
d) and if you believe he is at ANY real risk of losing his power in November – you are fooling yourself!
This moron in office has no intention of leaving office anytime in the near future – he wants to be emperor!
And furthermore, I am not distracted by any of this – I see what this fool is doing and am watching in amazement at all the people falling for it!

Ok. I’ll own up and admit my own presumption. That said, to each of your points…

a) many, but be honest, none of us know the full extent of what he’s plotting.

b) he hasn’t had this kind of public health crises, yet. I agree with you on his planning.   I just note that using an epidemic like this is one of the few ways he may accomplish that plan without the armed rebellion he’d get otherwise.

c) That clarification puts us on common ground, then. Remember, MY original comment was just a quip about a book written 15-20 years ago that is relevant to this particular story.  I’ll agree, I’ve seen the tin-foil hat crowd going conspiracy crazy on this. That’s just as foolish as pretending a pandemic couldn’t happen the way some of the so-called “experts” have done.

d) Thanks for the opportunity you just gave me here to expound a them I’ve been saying since ’07. I do think he will lose power in the Nov election. I do not think he will relinquish it when that happens. Assuming that election occurs. I’ve long said, watch for him to try to find a way to put off the election.

There are things that do give me hope, however. For starters, I’m seeing more and more people waking up. I am fairly active talking to people about both religion and politics and I’m finding much more fertile ground for both. I’m even seeing liberals starting to realize the difference between their beliefs and the European progressivism that Obama is trying to institute. There’s a lot of inertia to overcome, but both are there.

I have also never seen nor heard of a nation arm itself against its own government in the way that America has, particularly over the last four years. This, more than anything else, is why I believe we have not already seen your scenario.  I think he underestimated the degree of this response.

I’m sure this administration has seen all this, as well. When you consider the importing of illegal voters – I mean immigrants. The purging of the military. The militarization of federal bureaucracies. The battle for the minds of our children.  The pouring out of the welfare state.  It doesn’t take a math genius to do a little addition. I am also seeing desperation on Progressives’ part. I think they’re acting openly sooner than expected. They’ve seen the things I’ve mentioned and see their goals in danger. They are making mistakes they haven’t made in the 100 years they’ve been pursuing this agenda.

That makes them all the more dangerous. Forced out in the open as they are, they may well feel less concerned about what is damaged in the process. Of even more concern to me is that if they do realize they are going to lose this fight, they may just adopt a scorched earth tactic to simply to destroy as much as possible.  I.e. converting America is his primary goal, but if he can’t convert it, then destroying it is acceptable.

I’ll close with a prediction based on that last.  I think what we’ll be seeing now is an attempt to make the price of resistance so high in blood that America won’t be willing to pay it.  It’s an approach that has worked elsewhere in the world.  However, I think he and his underestimate the American spirit.

I’m going to have to massage this into a post for my blog.  Thanks. 🙂


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