Black Americans: Left is brainwashing you about past #tcot

Black Americans: Left is brainwashing you about past.

political-correctness-voltaireOk.  I’m of hispanic heritage, not black.  But I’ve still got plenty of firsthand experience with racism.  Everything from police scrutiny to my mother-in-law being asked if she was OK with her daughter marrying “one of them” to being physically spat upon and much more that I don’t have time to write here.  That is the perspective from which I say this:

Ben is right.

Yes, there are exceptions.  However they tend to be individual rather than institutional.

It has always been the Republicans and Conservatives who have respected me for my ability and mind.  They are the ones that give me credit for being able to take care of myself.  They are the ones that recognize that I can think and indeed, have a considerable intellect.  They are the ones who recognize I’ve earned my success.

Democrats have never done more than offer me a handout in exchange for being a second class citizen.


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