Political Correctness in Retreat #tcot

In another venue, there has been some discussion on political correctness.  In the course of political-correctness-voltairediscussion, the inevitable question about the “why” the PC Nazi’s get away with it.

It’s simple.  People are willing to bow to political correctness pressure.  Now more.  No less.  As long as that willingness continues, so will the crap.  When people stand up to the PC bullies, we see them for the cowardly cockroaches that they are.  Generally, PC Nazis don’t want to have a protracted fight because when that happens we see them for the wingnuts that they are.  But to stand up to it means that people may not like you.  They might even be mean to you.  If you’re a Christian, in particular, they may try to get you fired from your job.

Phil Robertson?  Yeah.  Like he’s going to bow to PC?  They were dumb to even try, with him and it didn’t take them long to run back to their caves.

Kroger’s support of gun rights?  Mom’s Demand Action goofed there.  Kroger basically told them to fluff off.  (Un)Fortunately, Panera was ready to save MDA’s image with their sudden and unsolicited anti-gun announcement.

Chik-Fil-A?  Another fail by the PC Police.  Likewise with Hobby Lobby.

Dan Snyder and the Redskins?  Probably the fight the PC crowd regrets the most.  The public, the hometown, even many native American groups support Snyder.  He’s dug in his heels and told the PC Nazis where to stick it.  He’s thumbed his nose to pretty much everyone including the President, the NFL and the UN.  Unfortunately for them, they made this case such a high profile, high visibility issue that if the PC crowd caves, their whole movement is jeopardized.  They simply have too much skin in the game to let is simply go away.  In this case, I believe even if they win, they lose, because now if they force a name change, it will be just that: brute force and will almost certainly require the force of law.

political-correctness2America is a very Conservative nation by global standards.  What we call “liberals” are considered on the right by Europe’s standards.  We are also, by nature, the most tolerant nation on Earth.  That a necessary condition of our strong individualism.  That’s why, for years, I’ve made the distinction between Liberal and Progressive.  I think Progressives have mistaken American’s conservative tolerance for complacency or acquiescence.  Historically, it takes years to get us riled, but that’s what is happening now.  That’s a mistake that will be fatal to their movement – at least in this country.

One good thing about having a Progressive administration has been the wake-up that is occurring in America.  Personally, I think that the People of Good Conscience are winning.  It wasn’t very long ago that nobody would have stood up to the evil of PC.  Now, not only is it happening, but we are winning more often than losing.  The best evidence of this is watching how extreme the PC Nazis have become.  It screams desperation.

In the meantime, you need to ask yourself if you are really that weak as a person.  If you’re a Christian are you really that quick to abandon God?  If so, you really need to look to the authenticity of your faith.  If the answer to either of those is “Yes,” then the truth is that you are already the willing slave of evil.


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Mad Scientist (honestly!) and engineer by day. Soundman by night. Tech geek always! A love and passion for Christian apologetics, Fringe, Doctor Who and Babylon 5.
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