Women Against Feminism blog sparks fierce backlash – #tcot

Ok, two women’s rights stories in one day:

Women Against Feminism blog sparks fierce backlash over statements such as ‘I like it when men compliment my body’ | Mail Online.

You know?  Susan B. Anthony was a feminist.  So was Margaret Sanger.  They would have very different definitions for that word, however.

It seems that what these women are objecting to is the modern progressive version of feminism that appears to define a woman’s self worth by her relationship to her genitals.  What I’m seeing in these statements are women demanding to be respected for who they are rather than what they are.  More important, they are giving *reasons* for their beliefs.

Even more telling is that the attempt to shut them up – dare I say “oppress them?” – is coming from women hurling insults and bile rather than reasons they are wrong.  It’s gives me hope seeing so many young women not willing to be bought off so easily by government handouts.


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