Some Hard Thoughts on Progressivism #tcot #teaparty

I’ve reached a hard decision long ago about Progressives.  Reason?  Discourse?  Civility?  They give none of these nor do the deserve them or the respect that one would give a reasonable person with whom you disagree.  Those qualities are meaningless to such people.  Their ideology is their religion and it is a religion that requires the same kind of blind faith and obedience as the jihadists that blow themselves up in Israel or fly planes DSCF0017into buildings.

Online?  Most are mere trolls that are best ignored.  Otherwise they are nothing more than an irritant and distraction.  They are not worthy of the attention or effort.

In the public sector?  They are an enemy to be destroyed politically and socially.  There is no room for compromise because they have defined “compromise” as a function of how fast we move to the left.  They allow only submission to their ideology or destruction.

The good news is, these progressives set these rules of engagement, not us and they brought the attack to us.  As far as I’m concerned they have satisfied the criteria of Just War.  Not only is my conscience clear, but conscience dictates I stand firm against them.  Of the two options I said they give us?  I choose neither.  I choose to hold on to the American identity for which my grandfather came to this country.

We have some very significant advantages over people like this.  First of all, we do use Reason.  We just have to understand that they do not.  They have allowed emotion – especially anger and bitterness – to overwhelm them to the point they are neither interested or capable of Reason.  Because of that, we have to do very little except remain calm and keep our heads about ourselves.  When they cannot get the emotion response and justification they seek, they simply get more shrill and more angry and leave logic further behind.  As they get more unbalanced they defeat themselves in the eyes of the public.  Give them enough rope and they seem more than willing to hang themselves.  One of the quickest ways of doing that is simply to not allow them to define what the words mean for their benefit.

We also have the advantage of the rightness of our cause.  The good of individual liberty is foundational to American culture.  In spite of our mistakes – and they’ve been many – that foundation has been instrumental for America having been the greatest force for good and for freedom in the history of mankind.  That doesn’t absolve us when we do wrong, but we are the one culture on the planet that – when we do screw the pooch – consider it a moral obligation to try and make things right.  Just be careful, because this strength can also be a weakness of which Progressives will take advantage.

I’m going to close with a word of caution.  It is the militant Progressive that I am calling the enemy and evil.  I’m not referring to the innocently misguided and I’m certainly not referring to the typical American liberal.  These are people that are willing to converse and to consider new or different ideas.  In fact, these are the people that are most quickly converted when Progressives go off on their foaming tirades.  In fact, I’ve found that generally speaking, most liberals have much more in common with Conservatives than they do with Progressives.  Our job is simply to help them realize that.

Perhaps I have to much faith in the goodness of the American people.  If that’s a crime, I’m more than willing to plead “guilty.”  But, judging by the Progressive response, I would have to come to the conclusion that they know it too and are very afraid of it.


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Mad Scientist (honestly!) and engineer by day. Soundman by night. Tech geek always! A love and passion for Christian apologetics, Fringe, Doctor Who and Babylon 5.
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2 Responses to Some Hard Thoughts on Progressivism #tcot #teaparty

  1. Jim says:

    Extremism in anything is never leads to anything good.


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