Archie Killed While Saving Gay Friend #tcot #2A

Honestly?  I didn’t know anyone even read Archie anymore.   Sure, you still see the digests in the supermarket checkout, but the actual comic?  Go figure.  I had heard rumor of this, but didn’t know for sure if it was going to happen.

Archie Killed While Saving Gay Friend in Comic Book.

Check the article and then catch my thoughts after the jump…

First of all, this is obviously a publicity stunt.  It certainly doesn’t rate anywhere near the killing of Superman, Spider-Man or Captain America.  Yeah, it may have a bit more impact than killing Jean Grey yet again, but then she probably has the record for being killed more than any comic character in history.  Any doubt?  Life With Archie is down at #383 on the Feb 2014 sales numbers.

Remember too, this is an alternate storyline.  It’s not the mainline Archie arc and one that has a bit of history for depressing storylines.  This is the ending of this alternate line.  At least until they decide to resurrect it again.

So they plan to end the comic with an anti-gun statement?  Truth be told, it’s really more of an argument for defensive gun use.  Rainbow dreams lifted aloft by unicorn farts aside, guns are not going to go away.  Whether it was with a gun or not, when you have a stalker like this he is going to act with deadly force.  If not a gun, then a knife – the bad guy is certainly within effective range.  If not a knife, then a bomb – and even more carnage.  Archie would be just as dead regardless.

I sure hope they don’t try to double this up with a pro-gay agenda, since this involves Keller.  That’s something I think the American public is getting tired of hearing.  In particular, I really would be annoyed to see them try to make a “pro-gun = hate gays” connection.  Just go over to  The Truth About Guns and follow the comments whenever something like this comes up to see how wrong that suggestion is.

Of course, it’s their company and they can do what they want.  I may look askance at their decisions or even rolls my eyes at their blatant politicization, but I will firmly stand by their right to do so.


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