Shooting Sports and Cub Scouts

Well, Cub Scout Day Camp is finally over. Those are three exhausting days! They’re a lot of fun, though.

Unfortunately my voice is over, too. I ran the BB gun range and while there were a few scheduling and logistics surprises (It’s day camp – what do you expect), I think it was a successful week.  The boys who have been shooting before came out shooting better and the boys who hadn’t shot before learned an important life-skill.

Rather than teaching them, “this is the end that goes ‘bang.’  Point it that way…” I wanted to work on teaching them how to shoot and how to handle a gun.  Safety, history, safety, form, safety, carrying — all were a part of their instruction.  Being aware how guns are treated by more Progressive segments of society — especially in education, I wanted to make sure that where there was fear of guns, it was replaced with respect and joy.

That latter group is what made me feel so good about the three days.  There were a lot of boys across all age groups that had never handled a gun and were timid or even scared of guns.  By the end of camp, even those had not only improved but had developed an enthusiasm for shooting.  Camp was proof that the best way to overcome a fear or dislike of guns is to learn how to shoot.  If nothing else, the idea that guns are “evil” or “bad” has been forever banished from these boys’ minds.

I’d like to think that there will be a lot of boys asking for BB or Airsoft guns this Christmas.  Note that if you do get one for your son or daughter, please remember to teach them that even those Airsoft’s are real guns.  They are not toys.  As I told the boys, I know at least 4 people off the top of my head that hunt with air guns.

The most important thing to say, though, is about the leaders and parent “Walkers” that were with the kids.  I was blessed in that every group had one or more experienced shooters.  Once they realized what I was doing, they were outstanding in helping teach the boys.  The range could not have been a success without their assistance.  Their knowledge and experience was a very special gift to these boys.  On their behalf, I’d like to say, “Thank you!”


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