Go Ahead, Use Another Executive Order #tcot

After the recent SCOTUS decisions, the IRS and everything else, is Obama <em>really</em> stupid enough to grant amnesty by fiat?

Democrats: No bluff, Obama will go it alone on immigration | TheHill.

One of the first signs that someone is bluffing is when they lead off saying they’re not bluffing.   If he did this the one thing that can be count on is losing what little Republican support he has on this and enough Dems bailing to undo whatever he declares.  This could also be the tipping point to impeachment; especially if it was before the midterms.

So, Mr. Obama.  Go ahead.  Make my day.


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Mad Scientist (honestly!) and engineer by day. Soundman by night. Tech geek always! A love and passion for Christian apologetics, Fringe, Doctor Who and Babylon 5.
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