Hilary begins distancing herself from Obama #tcot

In her Fox interview she is beginning to do the obvious:

Clinton claims she had doubts about video explanation after Benghazi strike | Fox News.

There have been a lot of pundits wondering if/when she would turn on Obama.  For me it’s always been when and never if.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see where he was going to lead the country.    If there is to be any hope of her winning in 2016, she would have to not only distance herself but go after his policies.  That’s not saying that she would actually change anything if – God help us all – she should win.

Actually, there is some good news with her interest in running.  Her book is a bomb.  Her tour is a bomb.  In fact, she’s giving us so many “gifts” we won’t have to look hard to find campaign material.  Her age is going to go against her, as well.

Most important, for so many voters, she’s going to be tied to Obama’s legacy regardless what she says now, especially with the younger voters upon whom she’s going to rely.  Those won’t be old enough to remember the “good days of the first Clinton presidency.”

Your thoughts?


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