A Wake-Up Call for the GOP Establishment #tcot

Honestly?  I don’t know if Brat will be able to win this.  It does take a lot to beat a majority incumbent.  But the following story should be a serious wake-up call for the Republican establishment and leadership.

Eric Cantor’s Unusually Expensive, Surprisingly Negative Primary Campaign – NationalJournal.com.

Fitzpatrick makes a critical mistake in his article, though.  He blames Cantor’s problems just on immigration and that is dead wrong.    Immigration is only the latest straw – some say, perhaps, the last straw – of insults to American conservatism people by the Republican party.

Failing to stop or even put up a real fight on government spending, reining in the EPA, energy policy, gutting the military, the growing police state, education… All of these – and more – are creating a rising tide of anger at the GOP.

Honestly, I expected to win few if any of these midterm elections.  Cantor, Boehner, Graham and the others?  These people shouldn’t be needing to spend or fight for their seats in their party primary and yet they are .  In some cases even being forced into run-off elections.

They may survive this election cycle, but only a fool would call it a victory.  Unless the establishment makes some fundamental changes this is, at best, a long defeat.  Yet, when you consider that the establishment calls it “victory” when their “compromises” merely control the speed at which the Progressive agenda is implemented and does nothing to stop it, maybe they are fools.

A warning to the GOP establishment.  You may survive this election cycle, but make no mistake; it is not a victory.  Your power is waning.  We are no longer judging you by your words.  We are judging you by your actions.  America is waking up and it is more angry than you can imagine and this is true of both Republican and Democrat.

Few Americans are Progressive in the sense that Obama and his followers are.  Progressives think that we just do not understand their message.  The truth is that we do understand it.  We reject it.  You have an rare opportunity to deal the Progressive worldview a massive blow.  Both the voters and history will judge you.  Will you be heroes or footnotes?

The choice is yours.


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