#tcot CBO Quietly Drops Forecast That Obamacare Will Cut the Deficit – Yahoo Finance

CBO Quietly Drops Forecast That Obamacare Will Cut the Deficit – Yahoo Finance.

People, I’ve been saying for a very long time this has nothing to do with cutting medical costs.  This has been true whether it’s individual, corporate or government.

I’ve been in the health care filed for 30 years.  I was there when DRG’s went into play and watched costs shoot up.  I was there when they tried to bring on Hillarycare and not only watched costs jump but research disappear.

In fact driving up costs and limiting access are the two things that I’ve been saying would happen and I’ve been saying that since Hillarycare in 1994.

This is – and always has been – about control.  Control of peoples lives.  Control of the economy.  Control of the states.  Has anyone even noticed that Obama put his new EPA regulations in the context of a healthcare issue?  There isn’t much that can’t be twisted into a context that would involve healthcare if one is determined.  Environment, economy, gun rights, free speech… they can all be pulled under that umbrella by either couching them in terms of risk to health or mental health concerns.

Obama’s Affordable Care Act is the first step in ending liberty in this country.


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